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Ancona is the capital city of the Region of Marche and home to strong contrasts of nature, history and business.
The name "Ankon" comes from the Greek word for elbow, as the city stands on an elbow-shaped promontory that is home to one of the largest natural ports on the Adriatic.

It is a popular summer resort area thanks to its jagged coastline with many beaches that range from fine sand to the spectacular "Spiaggia del Passetto" with rock cliffs for high diving enthusiast.

Ancona is not just a seaside town; its old city is rich with history, art and culture. Must-see monuments include the "Theatre of the Muses", the "Church of the Holy Sacrament", "Piazza Plebiscito", the "National Archaeological Museum of Marche", the "Civic Picture Gallery", the "Cathedral of St. Cyriacus", the Jewish cemetery in the "Parco del Cardeto" and the old lighthouse.

Local and traditional enogastronomic products are highly promoted through periodical fairs and markets held in the historic centre. This makes the city a popular enogastronomic tourism destination, particularly for its excellent fish-based dishes accompanied by numerous regional wines. Why not take a holiday in this beautiful city?

Amongst the Ancona Hotels, we have selected the elegant, four-star Grand Hotel Palace located in the heart of the historic centre with a view of the port. Try our quality hotels and have a happy holiday with Space Hotels!


Ancona - area: city centre

Grand Hotel Palace

Lungomare Vanvitelli, 24 - 60121 Ancona

Located in the city-centre, our hotel in Ancona is a period building facing the harbour. The hotel is just five minutes away by walk from the local...

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