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Milano Marittima is a famous seaside town and a pearl of the Adriatic Riviera.
Its history began in the early 1900s with the opening of the Ravenna-Cervia railway and the building of the first bathing establishment. Its development has been unstoppable since then.

The town is surrounded by a grove of ancient maritime pine trees, which is also home to a natural park and a thalassotherapy spa. The city has blended the beauty and tranquillity of nature with the sparkling atmosphere of its many cafés, trendy locales, bathing establishments, children's parks and shopping streets.

Milano Marittima offers everything that will make a seaside holiday perfect.

One strong point of its hospitality is the many events that take place every summer and the number of visitors they attract. The greatest event is the "Notte Rosa" [Pink Night], when the entire coast is animated with lights, shapes, sounds, shows and fun. Pink is the de rigueur colour of the evening. And everyone and everything is "wearing" it including the stores, buildings, bars, restaurants, bathing establishments and even the streetlights.

The entire summer offers non-stop events including concerts by famous Italian and international musicians, sports (sailing, swimming and kitesurfing) and art shows. There is something for everyone.

If you are looking for a Milano Marittima Hotels, we have selected the Hotel Michelangelo, which will satisfy all your holiday needs. It is located on the city's main street nestled in the greenery of the pine trees near the seaside and trendy venues.

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Milano Marittima (Cervia)

Hotel Michelangelo

Viale 2 Giugno, 113 - 48015 Milano Marittima (Cervia)

The Hotel Michelangelo is ideally located just a few metres from the beach and shopping district of Milano Marittima. The hotel is nestle...

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