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Yves Klein : Judo and Theater

Genoa -Palazzo Ducale - dal 06/06/2012 al 26/08/2012

Judo and the theater are the elements on which the work of Klein have drawn attention to the curators of this exhibition event, which opens at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa on 6 June 2012 , days of fulfillment of the 50 years afte...

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Teatro stabile di Genova: 2011-12 season

Duse Theatre and Corte Theatre - dal 11/10/2011 al 02/06/2012

The season has several surprises in store, with plays by the most famous authors of the past and by contemporary writers.

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Carlo Felice Theatre: concerts Season 2011-12

Teatro Carlo Felice - dal 07/10/2011 al 01/06/2012

The Concerts Season by the orchestra and choir of Teatro Carlo Felice. Calendar available on the below mentioned website.

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La mezza di Genova

Genoa - dal 22/04/2012 al 22/04/2012

Athletes will compete in the half-marathon taking place throughout the city streets.

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Teatro dell'Archivolto: 2011-12 season

Teatro dell'Archivolto - dal 04/10/2011 al 04/05/2012

The calendar offers evenings with theatrical performances, ballets, concerts, hosting hilarious comedians

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Politeama Genovese: 2011-12 season

Politeama Genovese Theatre - dal 21/10/2011 al 28/04/2012

The season has a wide variety of encounters: plays, dramas, comics, ballet and dance.

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Musei di Nervi - modern art gallery - dal 15/10/2011 al 08/01/2012

The exhibition presents a selection of installations by Gianni Depaoli and other works.

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Satira d'artista. Tranquillo Marangoni (1912-1992)

Musei di Nervi - Raccolte Frugone - dal 15/12/2011 al 05/02/2012

The exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the most important Italian engravers in the 20th century.

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Picasso, The acrobats

Palazzo Ducale - dal 16/12/2011 al 29/01/2012

This exhibition presents the series of engravings realized by Pablo Picasso between the 1904 and the 1905. The characters are the acrobats.

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Slow Fish

Fiera di Genova - dal 27/05/2012 al 30/05/2012

Slow Fish presents and discusses sustainable fishing and production, responsible fish consumption and the health of sea. Conferences, meetings, workshops and tasting sessions.

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