Yves Klein : Judo and Theater

Genoa -Palazzo Ducale - dal 06/06/2012 al 26/08/2012

Judo and the theater are the elements on which the work of Klein have drawn attention to the curators of this exhibition event, which opens at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa on 6 June 2012 , days of fulfillment of the 50 years after the death of Yves Klein.

Judo and theater are intertwined.  Judo and the theater are made of physical contact. Of bodies touching, skim intertwine. odor, Meat. Judo is in the gesture originated in the Theatre by the action; Judo and Theatre are dynamic, exist in the movement.

Yves Klein fascinated by the sensuality of the body and its movement from the stages of his return from his study trip to Japan. After he sees, enchanted and scandalized Europe and America with works of art created as a performance theater, art comes to the concept of tolerance.

Performance art

During the exhibition, is planning a series of rich and international meetings and events with the stars of judo, theater and art today, Palazzo Ducale and Villa Bombrini.

Hours 11-19 Tuesday to Sunday, Monday closed

Tickets:  €  6,00

Tel.  + 39 010 5574064/65 

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