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Colori e sapori delle etnie

Villa Vertua - dal 21/01/2012 al 06/05/2012

The event features 3 art exhibition at Villa Vertua and an exhibition-market of typical products in the park. Michele Carpignano: from 21 January tol 5 February Paola Romano: from 11 to 26 February Antonio Pedretti: from 14 Apri...

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Teatro Nuovo: 2011-12 Season

Teatro Nuovo - dal 24/09/2011 al 20/05/2012

The calendar is full of exciting events: musicals, plays, one man shows, all with the participation of famous Italian artists: Ale and Franz, Luisa Corna, Enrico Bertolino, Gianfranco d'Angelo, Eleonora Giorgi and many others.

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La Scala Theatre: 2011-12 season

Teatro alla Scala - dal 04/12/2011 al 17/11/2012

The season has many surprises and previews in store. The calendar includes theatre, opera, dance and concerts.

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Teatro Smeraldo: 2011-12 Season

Teatro Smeraldo - dal 06/10/2011 al 13/04/2012

The season offers musicals, international events, one man shows and big concerts, with the participation of various theatrical troupes and very famous artists. Check the official programme on the website.

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Pixar: 25 years of animation

PAC - dal 23/11/2011 al 14/02/2012

The exhibition allows visitors to discover the most important animation artists. It includes over 500 works coming from the Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, from the 1986 first movie to the last masterpieces.

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The 1990s

Studio d'Arte Cannaviello - dal 12/01/2012 al 28/02/2012

The exhibition presents works by Luca Bertolo, Marco Cingolani, Valentina D'Amaro, Francesco De Grandi, Daniele Galliano, Federico Guida, Davide La Rocca, Ryan Mendoza, Federico Pietrella, Cristiano Pintaldi, Luigi Presicce, Pie...

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Starts: Piazza Duomo (Piazza Castello for the competitive race) Finishes: Arena Civica - dal 25/03/2012 al 25/03/2012

This event combines sports competitions with charity shows, reflection and fun. There are several races: the “unpaced” 10-kilometre Stramilano open to all, the 5-kilometre Stramilanina for children, and the international Stram...

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Heineken Cup 2011-12

Stadio Brianteo - dal 12/11/2011 al 15/01/2012

Heineken Cup is an important European rugby contest. The most important rugby players will participate in the event. 3 matches are scheduled in Monza: November 13th, December 17th and one in January (13 or 14 or 15).

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Race in the city

Sempione Park - dal 14/01/2012 al 15/01/2012

Milan hosts the third Italian stage of the FIS Cross Country World Cup. The race takes place at the Parco Sempione, along a 620 meter-long ring, with the starting and finishing line at Piazza Cannone, in front of Castello Sforze...

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Botanica, intrecci e decorazioni di Leonardo

Ambrosiana Library - dal 13/12/2011 al 13/03/2012

It is the tenth exhibition of papers from the Atlantic Code of Leonardo da Vinci and deals with botany. It presents drawings for cloths and papers about plants and flowers. Curated by P.C. Marani and Maria Teresa Fiorio.

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