Travelling with small pets

Looking for hotels that accept dogs, cats and other small pets? Space Hotels has more than 60 affiliates that offer special services for guests who travel with their pets including dedicated areas, specific rooms and solutions for all pet-owner needs. 

When you travel, you may not be able to leave your pet with a trusted person, service or boarder; or you might not want to leave your pet behind at all, preferring to have it with you.So, you need to find a hotel that accepts pets and offers specific services necessary to care for your four-legged friend. 

Space Hotels has more than 60 affiliates throughout Italy that will welcome your pet in special rooms with pet beds and terraces or with open-air areas where you can walk your dog off its leash. There's more: through your hotel, or its affiliates, you can make appointments with veterinarians, groomers and even pet-sitters, for those times when you go out and cannot take you pet along. 

For Special needs or more informations

For more information on the pet-friendly hotel you have chosen, do not hesitate to contact our client services (by calling our tollfree number at 800.813.013 or sending us an email at We will get back to you ASAP with all the information you need to guarantee a pleasant stay for you and your pet.

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