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Frascati is located in the Albani Hills overlooking Rome and part of its territory lies within the "Castelli Romani" Regional Park. This area is famous for the "Ville Tuscolane", which were country estates built by the popes until the 16th century. They were status symbols of the Roman aristocracy and summer residences of the pontificate court.

During the baroque period, these splendid homes were embellished with fountains, gardens and surprising water and light displays. They were slowly abandoned after the 1700s but have recently been restored and can now be admired in all their antique splendour. The most beautiful are located in the municipalities of Frascati, Grottaferrata and Monte Porzio Catone.

The climate in Frascati is mild all year round making it a favourite destination for tourists wishing to spend a few days in a place with fresh air and uncontaminated beauty, even though it is so closely located to a metropolis like Rome.

Other reasons to visit Frascati? Certainly, the famous local wines, the "fraschette" (quaint restaurants serving the specialities of the "Castelli Romani") and the magnificent view.

Amongst the Frascati Hotels, we have selected the Hotel Villa Vecchia, which is nestled in a splendid park offering its guests both art and nature. We suggest you try the specialities of its "Vignola" restaurant. You will not be disappointed.

Space Hotels wishes you a pleasant stay!

Frascati - area: suburban

Hotel Villa Vecchia

Via Frascati, 49 - 00078 Frascati (Roma)

The Hotel Villa Vecchia is located in Frascati in a magnificent position amongst Roman castles, immersed in a splendid park and surrounded by art a...

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