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Lecce is the capital and the largest cultural center of the Salento Peninsula, the “Heel of Italy”, the “Land between two Seas”.

It’s a city in which you can recognize all the beauty of an area that has been a crossroads of ancient peoples and civilizations, whose signs are still tangible in the authenticity of its people and products.

Why should you visit Lecce? For its Old Town Centre!

A blaze of churches, Baroque palaces, Liberty residences, most of them built and decorated by the Leccese stone’s golden color, which gives the city a surreal and enchanted flavour. From the Baroque style to the beauty of its monuments, like the Cathedral or the “Church of the Holy Cross”, it evokes suggestions related to Ancient Greece and Imperial Rome.

Crossing the old town centre is like getting into another dimension, made of a fairytale maze of narrow streets, realm of craft shops, bars and restaurants with succulent scents, in which getting lost is easy as nice.

Lecce is also Movida, fiesta and fun, especially in its by night version. It’s a city  fully lived from people of all ages, with the rhythms and dances that express the joy and vitality of its amazing inhabitants.

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Lecce - area: city centre

Suite Hotel Santa Chiara

Via Degli Ammirati, 24 - 73100 Lecce

This brand-new 4 star boutique hotel is located in an enchanting corner of Lecce, near Piazza S. Oronzo and the Roman amphitheatre, in the heart of...

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