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Monteriggioni, a splendid village perched on a hilltop amongst woods, vineyards and olive groves, is located just north of Siena. The focal point of the town's beauty is its perfectly conserved 13th-century circular fortified wall dominated by quadrilateral towers and a church in the romanesque-gothic style.

As visitors enter the city through its gates (one facing Siena and the other facing Florence), they are greeted by small stone houses with gardens, quaint shops and wine bars, where they can get a real taste of the local culture.

If you want to see Monteriggioni in all its splendour, we suggest you visit in the first two weeks of July, the time of its mediaeval fair. The castle is teeming with people in period costumes, the streets are lined with torches and the ancient crafts workshops are re-enacted.

You will be overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells from the past including the food, games, funambulists, minstrels and warriors. It is a unique opportunity to relive all the enchantment of mediaeval Italy.

If you are looking for Monteriggioni Hotels, the Hotel "Il Piccolo Castello" will win you over and make your stay unforgettable. 


Monteriggioni - Resort

Hotel Il Piccolo Castello

Strada Provinciale Colligiana, 8 - 53035 Monteriggioni

The hotel in Siena Monteriggioni is a neoclassic reproduction, faithful to the tiniest detail of the work and the school of one of the most talente...

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