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Padua, which is the capital of the region of Veneto, lies between the Euganean Hills and the Brenta River and dominates the Venetian plain from the City of Venice to the Po River. Padua has ancient origins: legend recount that the first nucleus was founded in 1184 bce. It was recognised as a city in 49 bce and was one of the richest and most populated cities of the Roman Empire.

In the Middle Ages, it became a free commune and its prestigious university was founded in 1222. Its historic centre has an irregular shape because the Bacchiglione River runs through it.

It is surrounded by 16th-century walls, most of which are still standing, and is home to monuments of inestimable artistic value. Firstly, the Scrovegni Chapel, frescoed entirely by Giotto, depicting the stories of Mary, Christ and the Last Judgement. Secondly, the "Palazzo della Ragione", built in 1218, in which there was a large salon frescoed by Giotto that was completely destroyed by a fire in 1420. The room, which depicted astrological and religious scenes, as well as the Apostles and the patron saints of Padua, was repainted by Niccolò Miretto and Stefano da Ferrara. Finally, the famous Basilica of St. Anthony, which still conserves the saint's mortal remains and is visited by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world.

The city of Padua also has several famous squares such as the "Piazza dei Signori", in which stands the "Palazzo del Capitanio", and the "Piazza delle Erbe", in which stand the "Palazzo della Ragione" and the "Piazza della Frutta", where street markets are held.

The city hosts many interesting events throughout the year including a large trade fair, the Fair of St. Anthony, the Week of Technological and Scientific Culture, the Sherwood Festival, the Padua Gran Prix and the World Country Roller Marathon. 

If you wish to stay in one of Padua Hotels, we suggest the impressive Hotel Methis, which will amaze you with its decor inspired by the four elements. Each floor is dedicated to an element starting with earth on the first floor and finishing with air on the fourth floor. The rooms all have intense colour effects and a striking, memorable atmosphere. It is a dream hotel for an unforgettable stay!

Padua - area: city centre

Methis Hotel

Riviera Paleocapa, 70 - 35142 Padova

Methis was born in Padova: a new prestigious hotel a mere stroll from the city’s center, immersed in the green oasis of the Specola. It is no...

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