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When the tourist reaches Bergamo for the first time he cannot but see the grand medieval walls which enclose the oldest part of the town separating it from the modern lower city which has developed on the plain. This is the double soul of Bergamo always described by the dialect expression “Berghem de sura” and “Berghem de sota”.

Walking along the promenade on the well preserved town-walls, enveloped in (o surrounded by) nature and ancient trees, the tourist will be fascinated by the charming views and may also see the Duomo of Milano when sun is shining in particular whether conditions.

The Old town is a real medieval center with cobbled narrow streets, and houses so near to each other that they seem to compete for the sunlight. In its hart it surprisingly opens out  with its historical artistic gems such as Piazza Vecchia, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Colleoni Chapel, the Civil Library, the towers and the antique city washes.

Hospitality is granted in the various typical restaurants, trattorie, wine bars and coffee bars.

Bergamo sums up an  extraordinary balance between the History charm and the modernity comfort.

Are you planning to visit Bergamo and you need to look for Bergamo Hotels? Excelsior Grand Hotel will live up to all your exspectations.

(Beniamino Tomasoni, Hotel Manager Grand Hotel Excelsior San Marco)


Bergamo - area: city centre

Hotel Excelsior San Marco

Piazza della Repubblica, 6 - 24122 Bergamo

The most renowned hotel in Bergamo, this four stars hotel is located in the central Piazza della Repubblica, in the heart of the city centre, near ...

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