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Calcinaia is located about 20 km from Pisa.

It was founded on the right bank of the Arno River as Vico Vitri until the year 1193, when it took the name Calcinaia from the Latin "Calce", which means limestone.

Its strategic location allows for control of river traffic and, therefore, it was the focus of many conflicts of power from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, when it became part of the Republic of Florence. 

Its major monuments include the Church of St. John the Baptist, two statues by the School of Andrea della Robbia, the Upezzighi Tower and the Villa of Montecchio, which was first a castle and then a Carthusian monastery.

For those who love waking up surrounded by nature and silence but who do not want to renounce the style and good food, Space Hotels suggests Hotel Calamidoro, our best selection among Calcinaia Hotels, an oasis of peace amid the chaotic everyday life.

Calcinaia - Resort

Calamidoro Hotel

Via del Tiglio, 143 - 56030 Calcinaia (Pisa)

Ancient Tuscan Borg transformed into a fascinating four star Hotel, consisting in a Main Building, with a Shopping Center and in a manor ...

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