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Cuneo, in the Region of Piemonte, sits on a plateau in a geographically strategic position. It was originally a military city but all that remains of its fortress is the chessboard urban plan. There are also very few buildings remaining from its medieval period, one in particular is the 'Civic Museum'.

What does predominate now, are the ornate buildings of the 1700s and the 1800s, such as: the arcades, the noble palaces, the Baroque Cathedral and the elaborate woodworking that decorates the old shops.

A visit to this city gives you the chance to discover the large artistic heritage that lies within the mountains and valleys of Piemonte. Especially between May and October, when the "Castelli Aperti" [Open Castles] programme offers you free admission to almost one hundred monasteries, sanctuaries, castles and noble residences that are usually not accessible to the public.

As there are many reasons to visit this place. Among Cuneo Hotels, we have selected a small charming hotel in the city centre for ours clients.

The Lovera Palace is the perfect place to stay thanks to its friendly staff, impeccable service and elegant ambiance. We look forward to welcoming you!


Cuneo - area: city centre

Hotel Palazzo Lovera

Via Roma, 37 - 12100 Cuneo

Cuneo is famous for its truffles, Castelmagno,cheese, tajarin pasta, mushrooms, for its baroque Churches, medieval castles, for the Langhe, th...

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