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Gianfranco Asveri

Franca Pezzoli contemporary art gallery - dal 03/12/2011 al 08/01/2012

The exhibition presents a selection of works by Gianfranco Asveri.

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Christmas market

Centre - dal 26/11/2011 al 11/12/2011

The town becomes alive with a Christmas market with handicraft objects, decorations for Christmas tree, cribs, , original gifts, local specialities and much more. When: 26, 27 November; 3, 4, from 7 to 11 December

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National Archaeological Park of Massi di Cemmo

Frazione Cemmo - dal 01/01/2011 al 31/12/2011

Here you can admire two big rocks (massi). Masso n. 1 has more than 150 images among animals, knives and a plough scene; on Masso n. 2 are represented animals, persons, weapons, a plough scene and the image of a char.

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Cave painting in Luine Park

Collina di Luine - dal 01/01/2011 al 31/12/2011

The Park of Luine is situated on a hill next to Darfo Boario. There are many cave paintings representing scenes related to hunting, war, religion of the ancient inhabitants of the hill.

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Arte in piazza

Piazza XIII Martiri - dal 10/12/2011 al 11/12/2011

Craft fair. An opportunity to see how the craftsmen of the area work many materials like wood, glass, pottery, leather.

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Cinema Teatro Crystal - Stagione 2011-12

Cinema Teatro Crystal - dal 08/10/2011 al 04/03/2012

The calendar, with shows from classic thetre to musicals, is available on the official website.

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Viva l'indipendenza

Accademia Tadini - dal 02/10/2011 al 31/12/2011

The exhibition celebrates the 150th anniversary of the unity of Italy.

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Gattaro - dal 01/01/2011 al 31/12/2011

A big open-air park where the life of 4000 years ago has been reconstructed. You can visit some traditional houses on pile-dwellings, a little lake with canoes, a painted cave.    

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