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Volandia - Park of Flight

Malpensa - dal 01/01/2012 al 31/12/2012

Take a look around - You are at Volandia, where a wonderful exhibition itinerary takes you deep into the history of international aeronautics.

The exhibition is divided into five areas: forms of flight, fixed wing, rotary wing, model aircraft and the convertiplane. It tells the great history of flight in all its forms, from pioneer flights in hot-air balloons to the first aircraft in the early 1900s right through to the convertiplane, the perfect fusion of vertical and horizontal flight.

Volandia     Space

Forms of Flight                                                       Space Pavilion

Simulator     future

Simulator Area                                                        The Future of Flight

As you walk around the park and museum, you can listen to exciting adventures, involving the aircraft on show, which are told by volunteers of the “Friends of Volandia” association, whose members include fanatics and former workers at the aircraft companies.


General Admission Euro 9,00
Special ticket children (Child aged 3 – 11): Euro 5,00
Babies aged 0 – 2: FREE admission


VOLANDIA - Park and Museum of Flight
Via per Tornavento n.15
Case Nuove 21019 Somma Lombardo (Varese) ITALY

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