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Summer in Rome 2012

Rome - dal 21/06/2012 al 30/09/2012

From the 21rst June –to the 30th September:   With a list of more than 150 exciting events of music , theater , art and cinema , the city of Rome opens the 35th Edition of Summer in Rome 2012. Impossible to get bored!  ...

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Evgen Bavcar. Darkness is a spece

Museo di Roma in Trastevere - dal 19/01/2012 al 25/03/2012

A selection of more than fifty shots by one of the most talented photographers: Evgen Bavčar. The pictures by the blind Slovenian artist, philosopher and photographer, are evocative visions of space, lights, shapes and smells of...

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Contemporary Surrealism

Chiostro del Bramante - dal 08/02/2012 al 06/05/2012

The exhibition includes works by Francesco Clemente, Peter Halley, Luigi Ontani, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Ross Bleckner, Komar e Melamid, Matthew Barney, Monica Bonvicini, Maurizio Cattelan, Robert Gober, Anish Kapoor, Ole...

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Russian Avant-garde

Ara Pacis Museum - dal 01/04/2012 al 30/09/2012

The public can admire 60 paintings and architectural models of Russian art of the 20th century, coming from the Tretyakov State Gallery and other Russian regional museums. On display works by Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin, V...

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French landscape painters of the 18th and 19th century

Rome Musuem - dal 07/02/2012 al 27/05/2012

The public can admire a selection of about 70 works (watercolours and engravings) by French painters and engravers working in Rome between the second half of the 17th century and the first decades of the 19th century. On display...

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Guercino 1591-1666. Masterpieces from Cento and Rome

National gallery of Ancient Art - Palazzo Barberini - dal 15/12/2011 al 15/12/2012

The exhibition is dedicated to the genius of Guercino, one of the most important 17th-century artists in Italy. he was born and lived in Cento and worked in Rome between 1621 and 1623. Curated by Rossella Vodret and Fausto Gozzi.

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Mondrian. The perfect harmony

Complesso del Vittoriano - dal 07/10/2011 al 29/01/2012

The exhibition traces the artistic production of one of the greatest masters of the 20th century through a selection of 70 oil-paintings and drawings. It also includes 40 works by artists who inspired and influenced him.

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Mozart International Piano Competition

Auditorium delle Scuderie Aldobrandini - dal 04/05/2012 al 06/05/2012

This competition is open to all young musicians of any nationality and features concerts and piano course in Rome and Frascati. This is the 7th edition. Organized by Ist. Mus. Collegium Artis and Associazione Inarmonia.

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Art in Italy after the photography 1850-2000

National gallery of Modern Art - dal 21/12/2011 al 04/03/2012

The exhibition deals with the relation between art and photography and includes a selection of works coming from the National Gallery of Modern Art and Graphic Nation Institute. Curated by Maria Antonella Fusco and Maria Vittori...

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Gli Orientalisti. Incanti e scoperte nella pittura dell'Ottocento italiano

Chiostro del Bramante - dal 20/10/2011 al 22/01/2012

The exhibition presents a selection of around 80 works about the East in 19th-century Italian painting. Francesco Hayez, Alberto Pasini, Roberto Guastalla, Stefano Ussi are some of the artists on display. Curated by Emanuela Ang...

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