Evgen Bavcar. Darkness is a spece

Museo di Roma in Trastevere - dal 19/01/2012 al 25/03/2012

A selection of more than fifty shots by one of the most talented photographers: Evgen Bavčar. The pictures by the blind Slovenian artist, philosopher and photographer, are evocative visions of space, lights, shapes and smells of childhood, snapshots of tactile and sensory perceptions captured by his daring and poetic inner eye. Evgen Bavčar teaches us how to “see” from another perspective.

Evgen was born in Lokavec, Slovenia, (a small city near the Italian border, in a country that was then called Yugoslavia), in 1946. And for the first 11 years of his life, everything was fine: he played with his little sister, he went to regular school, and did what normal children in his native country did. But one day, while playing in the woods, he was speared in the left eye by a branch. Doctors couldn’t repair the damage, and they were forced to remove the eye, and replace it with prosthesis. A few months later, he lost his other eye while handling a mine detonator, and was hospitalized on and off for the following two years. Nevertheless, he was lucky in his bad luck; shrapnel had planted itself in his prosthesis. If he had still had had a real left eye, the shrapnel would have gone through the eye, and into his brain. 

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Closed: Monday.

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