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Grande Valley National Park

- dal 01/01/2012 al 31/12/2012

Great Valley has been a national park since 1992 and is the largest wilderness area in the Alps. It was the scene of many historical events including the Italian Resistance. There are everal paths through the park with varying d...

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The Monte Sacro

Via SS. Trinita', 48 - dal 01/01/2012 al 31/12/2012

The SS Mount Trinity special nature reserve covers about 200 hectares, many paths and trails characterise votive chapels. Inside there is the monumental Baroque Sacro Monte, dedicated to SS. Trinity, made up of the sanctuary, 3 ...

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House of Resistance

Via F. Turati, Verbania Fondotoce - dal 01/01/2012 al 31/12/2012

The House of Resistance was built next to a compressed monumental built in 1964 where on June 20, 1944 there were shot 43 partisans by fascist. The House of Resistances is a centre of research and cultural dissemination of histo...

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Cableway Stresa-Alpino-Mottarone

Carciano di Stresa - dal 01/01/2012 al 31/12/2012

The Cableway takes 20 minutes to reach an altitude of 1491 metres above sea level. The Mottarone is a mountain located between Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta and offers a wonderful panorama. In every season visitors can practise sp...

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Museum of Landscapes - section popular religion

Biumi Innocenti Palace - dal 01/02/2012 al 30/11/2012

Biumi Innocenti Palace houses the collection of paintings on popular religion donated by dr. Eugenio Cafis. On display there are about 700 works from the total of 4992 pieces of the whole collection. The works highlight some spe...

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Borromeo islands

Beautiful and Motehr islands - dal 26/03/2012 al 23/10/2012

The Borromeo islands includes 3 real islands (The Mother island, the Beautiful island and the Island of the Fisherman), the Isolino of San Giovanni and the Malghera rock. The Beautiful Island hosts the baroque palace built by Co...

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Botanic garden Alpinia

Alpino - dal 01/04/2012 al 30/10/2012

The botanic garden is located at 800 m altitude and it streches on about 4 ha. of land, enjoying a fine viewpoint of the Lake Maggiore, the Borromeo islands and mountains. It hosts in particular all the species belonging to the ...

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Museum of Landscapes

Viani Dugnani palace - dal 01/04/2012 al 31/10/2012

The museum, which occupies the sixteenth century Viani Dugnani palace, exposes the natural beauty and art of the region. It's divided into different sections: painting with works by Lombard-Piedmont artists of the second half of...

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Verbania on ice

Arena, Verbania Pallanza - dal 07/12/2011 al 08/01/2012

Ice skating is a passion of the young and the old, an occasion to spend time together and really have fun.

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Christmas in Verbania

Various venues - dal 01/12/2011 al 08/01/2012

The town comes to life for Christmas with a lot of events: concerts, exhibitions, performances, costume parade and markets.

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