Here you will find great opportunities to make your time in Italy even more interesting: exhibitions, events or festivals that can inspire a fabulous weekend getaway or add something special and exciting to a business trip.

Art, culture, work or fun?

Any reason is a good reason to discover a new Space Hotel while travelling in Italy.

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Clusone - dal 18/02/2012 al 21/02/2012

Many events are staged for Carnival to entertain children and adults. On February 18th a free parade of masks and masked groups is scheduled from 3pm. On February 21st the traditional carnival parade is held.

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The most beautiful majolicas. Mastepieces from Colle-Ameno and Finck

Medieval Museum - dal 26/11/2011 al 04/03/2012

The exhibition is dedicated to ceramics in Bologna in the second half of the 18th century and features works produced in the most important manufactures: one founded by Filippo Carlo Ghisilieri di Colle Ameno (Sasso Marconi), on...

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Morning sesason 2011-12

Teatro sociale di Como - dal 27/09/2011 al 21/05/2012

The morning season is packed with performances dedicated to children, families and schools, plays in English, dance, music and tales. It also includes workshops, labs and competitions.

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Amici della musica Guido Michelli 2011-12

Muse Theatre and Sperimentale Theatre - dal 13/10/2011 al 10/05/2012

The calendar is packed with concerts by leading Italian and international musicians at the Muse theatre and the Sperimentale theatre.

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Bellini Theatre: season 2011-12

Teatro Bellini - dal 27/10/2011 al 22/04/2012

The program is rich with events offering shows of different theatrical genres amongst which the musicals stand out.

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Augusteo Theatre: season 2011-12

Teatro Augusteo - dal 21/10/2011 al 22/04/2012

The season offers a complete program of musicals, comic shows, dance and music with leading Italian artists, including Massimo Lopez, Gigi Proietti, Enrico Montesano, Massimo Ghini, Mario Biondi and many others.

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Luigi Bertelli

Palazzo d'Accursio - dal 03/12/2011 al 16/01/2012

The exhibition celebrates the 150th anniversary of the unity of Italy and is dedicated to the most important artist during the Risorgimento in Bologna: the painter Luigi Bertelli (1832 - 1916).

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Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica di Bologna - dal 25/01/2012 al 26/02/2012

The exhibition features installations, videos and sculptures by Giulia Manfredi. Curated by Olivia Spatola e Vladimir Isailovic. During "Art white night", on January 28th at 9pm, a live performance by Marta Coletti (cello) is sc...

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Internationl Tiber canoe descent

Start: Citta' di Castello Finish: Rome - dal 24/04/2012 al 01/05/2012

The Internationl Tiber canoe descent is a tour for Italian and international canoeists. The tour is composed by seven 20-30km stages that lead the participants from Citta' di Castello to Rome. Relatives and friends can participa...

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Amici della musica: 2011-12 season

Teatro della Pergola - dal 24/09/2011 al 05/12/2012

The calendar is rich with events, hosting Italian and international artists whose performances will definitely delight the public.

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