02nd October 2007

Environmentally friendly hospitality? We now have two innovative examples: the Hotel Plaza in Padova and the Hotel Ovest in Piacenza, both of which are affiliates of Space Supranational Hotels, the international hotel representation and reservation group. The Hotel Plaza in Padova aims to satisfy the needs of its environmentally friendly clientele by creating an eco-compatible building with advanced technological solutions. The Hotel Ovest in Piacenza has launched a web project to capitalise on the collaborative working process offered by the Internet.

Hotel Plaza in Padova reduces emissions equivalent to a thousand cars a day.
For the last three years, the Hotel Plaza in Padova, the most important hotel in the city centre, has been carrying out a renovation programme to increase its respect for the environment and decrease its energy consumption. The results will be a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 66 tons per year. This would be the equivalent of 1,050 less cars per day driving on Corso Milano, one of the main thoroughfares of Padova. The first step was to replace the existing air-conditioning with a closed circuit system. This has reduced their summer electricity consumption from 250 kW to just over 100 kW.

Two other improvement projects have begun this year. The first is the installation of a new generation heating system that will make the hotel safer by eliminating all methane gas usage from the building. The second is the installation of a solar energy system that will produce hot water for the entire hotel.

The Hotel Ovest in Piacenza seeks out virtual consultants
The Hotel Ovest in Piacenza is using Internet to determine the real needs of travellers. A section of their website, with a linked blog and forum, has been set up to involve their clients and business partners, along with designers, architects and builders, in the renovation process of part of the hotel. All interested parties can interactively contribute their proposals, ideas and suggestions and will be rewarded with a discount coupon. This is an original and innovative way to guarantee that their project will satisfy the needs of people who stay in their hotel and use its services. Their clients have appreciated the idea and have responded. What has been the most requested service? Technology, of course, but requests also focus on ease and efficiency in workspaces, on availability of TV channels and on the lighting systems.

Another innovative aspect of this project is that the "work in progress" of the renovation can be observed on the hotel's website. It comes as no surprise that the Hotel Ovest has had its own website since 1996 and was one of the first hotels in Italy to install Internet wiring in all its guest rooms.

Bookmark: Rizzoli has just published a book on the new global industrial scenario entitled Wikinomics How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams. "A new kind of business is emerging one that open its doors to the world, co-innovates with (especially customers), shares resources that were previously closely guarded, harnesses the power of mass collaboration, and behaves not as a multinational but as something new: a truly global firm".

The company in Italy and worldwide
Space Hotels, the Italian branch of the Supranational Hotels group, has more than 100 three to five star hotels in 66 cities throughout the country. The entire Supranational chain offers more than 1,000 hotels in 75 nations and over 500 cities, which can be reached through 21 reservation offices, the GDS (code SX) or the Internet at www.spacehotels.it.
The Space Hotels offer includes: work or holiday stays with interesting special rates; organisation of meetings and conferences; fine cuisine by some of the best Italian chefs; relaxation, massages and saunas in elegant spas and wellness centres.

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