03rd May 2007

The Hotel Federico II in Jesi has won the Italian 'Business Award for the Environment'


Quality is a priority for Space Hotels: every hotel in its portfolio meets all the expectations of guests, businesses and tourism professionals who put their trust in this dynamic hotelier group and see it as their ideal partner. Space Hotels, with more than 100 affiliates in Italy, is always updating its quality parameters regarding services, food, reception and technology in order to satisfy the needs of its clientele. This has just been confirmed by the awarding of the Italian 'Business Award for the Environment 2006' to one of its affiliated hotels, the Federico II in Jesi. As well, three of its affiliated hotels have ISO 14001 certification: the Rizzi Aquacharme Hotel & Spa in Boario Terme, the Hotel Green Park Resort in Tirrenia and the Federico II in Jesi.

Space Hotels has distinguished itself once again for the high level of quality of its affiliated hotels. Not only has the Federico II in Jesi just received the Italian 'Business Award for the Environment 2006', it was also the only hotel amongst the 100 businesses chosen as finalists. The four-star Federico II has 130 guestrooms and a swimming pool heated by solar panels. Its conference centre can hold over 1,000 people. The main body of the hotel was designed according to the most advanced energy-saving criteria. All guest and conference rooms are fitted with computerised systems that automatically control temperature and electricity consumption based on occupation, the presence of people, programmed events as well as desired temperature and humidity levels. The Business Award for the Environment - promoted by the Ministries of the Environment and Economic Development, the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce and the Chambers of Commerce of Rome and Milan - was awarded to the Federico II for "Best Process/Technology for Sustainable Development" and "Special Mention for a Cogeneration Project Applied to a Hotelier Company".

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