10th March 2008

Space Hotels launches its new release of the Columbus system. Now completely user friendly, the Columbus system offers hoteliers and operators many advantages, opportunities and business prospects. The main advantage for hoteliers is that Space Hotels will upload their rates and a detailed description of their hotel to the system, while they can autonomously manage their own BARs (Best Available Rates).

All inclusive
Space Hotels checks all inserted data to avoid any errors, does periodic monitoring of every hotel's competitors and offers an accurate statistics service. Hotels that join the Space Hotels network receive the benefit of the group's professionalism, experience and technologically advanced Columbus system, which are all included in their affiliation fee. As is well known, Space Hotels is a non-profit cooperative and all its profits are reinvested to improve its product and client services. Space Hotels prints both its annual hotel and meeting directories, which are regularly used by travel agencies and companies, without any extra cost to its affiliates. The large international group offers its hotels the chance to participate in major trade shows at a very low fee giving them great visibility and access to professional buyers.

The future is already here
The technological efficiency of Supranational Hotels' Columbus system (of which Space Hotels is a founding partner) is recognised on an international level. Both Amadeus and Galileo use it to test new European releases of trade programmes. In the United States, new products are tested by Marriott; the hotel chain considered one of the most technologically advanced worldwide. The Archimede system, used by Space Hotels in Italy, can dialogue seamlessly with Columbus. Therefore, when data are modified in Archimede, the changes pass automatically from one system to another without any manual intervention. The GDS (Global Distribution Systems) are becoming more functional and user-friendly. They have recently gone from using a code system to an intuitive interface based on an Internet model. Information is now more detailed and includes images and maps, similarly to web portals. It is for all these reasons that the Columbus system offers hoteliers and operators many advantages, opportunities and business prospects.

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