23th July 2009

 Supranational Hotels, of which Space Hotels is the Italian partner, is in second place among the Top 25 of the World's Largest Hotel Sales & Marketing Consortia. The ranking was established by the American publication "Hotels Magazine" based on the total number of rooms available in each system. The ranking includes companies of the calibre of Utell/Unirez, Hotusa and Leading Hotels of the World. With 297,400 rooms in 1,662 hotels, Supranational has reconfirmed the position it held in 2007.

The Supranational Hotels consortium, instituted in 1974 and based in Amsterdam, manages 21 call centres and provides advanced marketing and reservation services, also as a "private label", to over 1,000 independent, associated hotels and hotel groups worldwide. Space Hotels is both one of the founding partners and the Italian partner of the group. Space Hotels now has over 100 affiliates in Italy. The call centre in Rome offers a toll-free number - 800.813.013 - for all Italian clients to make reservations in all affiliated hotels worldwide. Supranational is the first hotel company in the world to develop and use a central booking service on a global level.

Supranational Hotels' strong points can be summarised in four words: sales, promotion, service and technology. It is a large company that is growing without losing sight of quality. Its technological leadership is well aware of client needs and never forgets about human contact. Its objectives are ambitious and always completely in line with the results obtained.

Space's technology Supranational Hotels use of technology merits a special mention. The service uses the ColumbusNG booking system, which was developed with Pegasus. In Italy, most travel agencies and individual clients (both companies and professionals) still prefer the personal contact offered by the telephone service and call the toll-free number 800.813.013 (remember that, in 1987, Space Hotels was the first hotel chain in Italy to activate a toll-free number) to explain their needs to the centralized booking service, which then verifies availability and price and both confirms the client reservation and informs the hotel, all in real time. Italian clients also use the GDS. Of course, the website www.spacehotels.it is always available to everyone worldwide.

Space Hotels, the Italian branch of the Supranational Hotels group, has more than 100 three to five star hotels in 55 cities throughout the country. The entire Supranational chain offers more than 1,000 hotels in 75 nations and over 500 cities, which can be reached through 21 reservation offices, the GDS (code SX) or the Internet at www.spacehotels.it. The group also has a Voice Centre with a toll-free number - 800.813.013 - for reservations and information on availability in its affiliated hotels in all cities in Italy and worldwide.

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