25 July 2007

Eight affiliates of Space Supranational Hotels offer Full-service Spas

It is now easy to find a spa for a relaxing weekend, just select one from the website of Space Hotels, the Italian chain of independent hotels with over 100 three to five star hotels in more than 60 Italian cities. Space Hotels' thirty-three years of experience guarantee that its affiliates offer excellent hospitality, comfort, professionalism, personality and quality at very affordable prices. Six of these hotels offer spas or wellness centres with full-services, from hydromassage pools to indoor swimming pools, and a wide variety of treatments, from musicotherapy to invigorating water cascades. These Space affiliates are: the Hotel Rizzi & Spa in Boario Terme (BS), the Hotel Milano in Bratto della Presolana (BG), the T Hotel in Cagliari, the Hotel Green Park Resort in Pisa-Tirrenia, the Hotel Victoria in Torino, and the Hotel Parma e Congressi in Parma.

Choose a spa through the Space website at www.spacehotels.it What attracts surfers most to the Space website www.spacehotels.it is the ability to do advanced searches based on client needs. A hotel can be selected not only based on its location but also on its essential services or even on clients' personal interests. There are dedicated sections that list location types (art cities, countryside, seaside, lakes or near airports, city centres, etc.) and services offered (Internet or Wi-Fi availability, parking facilities, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, wellness centres, etc.). People travelling with their pets will find many accommodation options given that 68 of the Space Hotels affiliates accept animals.

Insertion of data in required fields results in a list of hotels that actually have rooms available and the best price for the entire stay (from the lowest to the highest rates). From there, one passes to the hotel page (with a description and photos) and can then make a reservation in a protected area in real time. For special requests and telephone reservations, one can call the toll free number at 800.813.013. The various sections also include a short description of the city, a Via Michelin map of the location indicating the position of the hotel and describing both the route to get there and the local weather.

The Space Hotels with full-service wellness centres that offer a wide variety of treatments are: the Rizzi Aquacharme Hotel & Spa in Boario Terme, the Hotel Milano in Bratto della Presolana, the T Hotel in Cagliari, the Hotel Green Park Resort in Pisa-Tirrenia, the Hotel Victoria in Torino and the Hotel Parma & Congressi in Parma. Several other affiliates have smaller wellness centres where guests can relax during a business or leisure trip. They are: the Hotel Des Nations in Riccione, the Hotel Ambasciatori in Rimini, the Hotel Savoy in Pesaro, the Hotel Calamidoro in Pisa-Calcinaia, the Hotel Il Piccolo Castello in Monteriggioni (Siena), the Excelsior Grand Hotel in Catania.

The following is specific information regarding the individual hotels.


Rizzi Aquacharme Hotel & Spa, Boario Terme (BS)
Rizzi Aquacharme Hotel & Spa, a cutting-edge, four-star hotel with a very strong appeal, has just been inaugurated in Boario Terme. The hotel's strong point is its two-storey, 650 m2 Aquacharme Spa, a wellness centre with innovative treatments and technologies, where guests can regain their physical and psychological sense of wellbeing. The health direction of the Aquacharme Spa is entrusted to the Boario Baths and offers beauty treatments, thermal bath therapies, massages, mud treatments, aromatherapy showers, as well as complete programmes and custom-made solutions for clients. Rizzi Aquacharme Hotel & Spa - via G Carducci 5 - Boario Terme (BS)

Hotel Milano, Bratto della Presolana (BG)
The Alpen spa has been entirely designed with the wellness of its guests in mind. It offers a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, an emotional shower and a hydrojet shower. For those people who prefer a delicate sauna, it also has a Vitarium. The spa offers aromatherapy, chromotherapy and musicotherapy in warmed rooms where guests can relax and enjoy the benefits of healing aromas, colours and music. There is also a relaxing area called the "Grotto of Dreams" filled with soft music, perfumed flowers, natural essences and an invigorating water cascade.

Hotel Victoria, Turin
The Hotel Victoria has recently undergone a major renovation including the addition of a wellness centre called "Iside". It offers an indoor pool, a hydromassage pool, a hammam and emotional showers, where guests can relax after a busy working day in a unique, pampering environment. Along with the equipment in the pool area, the Iside wellness centre offers various treatments carried out by licensed professionals in a relaxing area with an adjacent tearoom.

T Hotel, Cagliari
The T Spa wellness centre offers its guests: a hydrotherapy pool, six hydromassage pathways, a Turkish bath with a starred ceiling, emotional showers, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and a selection of European and Asian massage techniques and face and body treatments using their house brand of beauty products, "Carita", as well as a line of Shiseido brand products. The spa offers its guests the perfect opportunity to pamper their bodies in an elegant, calming environment that is completely dedicated to relaxation and serenity. Moreover, the Fitness Centre is fully equipped for cardiofitness workouts with a treadmill, exercise bicycles, elliptic equipment, abdominal boards and the innovative I-tonic vibrating platform.

Hotel Green Park Resort, Tirrenia
The Green Park Resort is nestled in an ancient, five-hectare pine forest on the beachfront of Tirrenia, a quiet resort town just a few kilometres from Pisa. The spa is located in a 2000 m2 building dedicated entirely to wellness. Every aspect of the spa is modern and high-tech: the swimming and hydromassage pools were installed by Cullighan; the saunas, Turkish baths and showers were supplied by CMV; and the fitness equipment is from Air Machine. Moreover, the splendid mosaic tilework was done by Sicis. Particular attention was given to the air conditioning system, which manages seven distinct zones with microclimates of differing temperature and humidity: the swimming pool, the gym, the foyer, the greenhouse, the changing rooms, the saunas and the treatment rooms, which can also be controlled individually. At the Green Park Resort, guests can also enjoy an outdoor swimming pool with a hot tub, two tennis courts with artificial illumination and a mini golf course.

Hotel Parma & Congressi, Parma
This modern hotel, nestled amongst trees and just a few steps from the centre of Parma, hosts the Domussalus wellness centre. The spa offers its guests "lunatherapy", which is a stimulating wellness and beauty treatment that links lifestyle to biological rhythms and aims to develop human potential through natural remedies applied according to the cycles of the "astronomical almanac". From the dawn of civilisation, humans, in their relationships with each other and the elements around them, have experimented with various systems of prevention and treatment of disease as well as maintenance of good health. In every culture and in every era, the moon has inspired human imagination so much that people have always studied its movements and documented its influences.


Hotel Des Nations, Riccione
The hotel has a wellness area offering various treatments: shower-solarium, sauna and infrared light, foot reflexology, lymphodrainage, full-body peelings, facials, essential oil massages, aromatherapy and chromotherapy. Outside, the hotel has a small pool with ozone hydromassage and a fitness corner.

Hotel Ambasciatori, Rimini
The newly renovated swimming pool, the fitness area with a Turkish bath, the attention to detail in the guest rooms and the common areas, the helpfulness of the staff … every aspect of this hotel has been conceived to offer its guests total hospitality and relaxation.

Hotel Savoy, Pesaro
The hotel is in a central location, just a few steps from the seaside, and has a wellness centre called "Sani come pesci" which offers a sauna, a fitness area and massages.

Hotel Calamidoro, Pisa-Calcinaia
The Calamidoro is an old Tuscan village that has been transformed into a hotel. It offers many opportunities for sports lovers: a practice golf green, a swimming pool with a 10-metre diving board, an Olympic swimming pool, a kiddie pool, a private pool, three mini soccer fields and an archery field. Moreover, the wellness centre offers guests a solarium, a Turkish bath, massages and esthetic treatments.

Hotel Il Piccolo Castello, Monteriggioni (Siena)
Nestled in the magic landscape of the countryside of Siena, the Piccolo Castello has a splendid swimming pool with 10 hot tubs. The wellness centre offers guests a sauna, a shower-solarium, body and face massages, esthetic treatments and aromatherapy. There is also a well-equipped gym.

Excelsior Grand Hotel, Catania
The hotel is located in a strategic position in the heart of Catania and has a wellness centre with hydromassage showers, a Turkish bath and a massage area.

Space Hotels, the Italian branch of the Supranational Hotels group, has more than 100 three to five star hotels in 66 cities throughout Italy. The entire Supranational chain offers more than 1,000 hotels in 75 nations and over 500 cities, which can be reached through 21 reservation offices, the GDS (code SX) or the Internet at www.spacehotels.it.  The Space Hotels offer includes: work or holiday stays with interesting special rates; organisation of meetings and conferences; fine cuisine by some of the best Italian chefs; relaxation, massages and saunas in elegant wellness centres.

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