28th July 2006


First Norwegian to lead the large international hotel group

Supranational Hotels has nominated a new president, the Norwegian, Paul Semb-Johansson. "Its thirty years of experience in the tourism industry and its recent successes, have made Supranational a group of global importance with cutting-edge technology," says Semb-Johansson, "Our objective is undoubtedly to remain the leader in the hotel reservation sector and consolidate our current positive phase".

 Vice-president of Rica Hotels which manages 90 establishments in Scandinavia, Paul Semb-Johansson is the first Norwegian to lead the large international hotel representation and reservation group that includes 1,500 hotels in 75 countries worldwide.

Supranational is the leading GDS provider in Europe and made a total of 200 million US dollars worth of reservations in 2006, a growth of 35% with respect to the previous year. Supranational expects to reserve more than 1,200,000 nights in hotels in 2007 thereby establishing a new record for the company.

Supranational Hotels was founded in 1974 as a non-profit organisation; created and run by hoteliers for hoteliers. It now provides international sales and marketing services for its affiliated hotels. The group has its headquarters in London and is one of the five largest GDS providers in the world.

Space Hotels, Italian partner of Supranational, has over 100 three to five star hotels located in 65 destinations. The president is Enrico Della Casa, the managing director is Lidia Rescigno and the marketing director is Daniela Passeri.

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