At Space Hotels, let sleeping dogs lie!

The connection between humans and dogs has always been a symbol of loyalty and love and this relationship does not end when we go on holiday, especially as summertime is approaching. For more than ten years, the Space Hotels group, which is always attentive to its guests' needs, has recognised how much people value their pets and guarantees the highest quality treatment for its four-legged guests. 


Some of the greatest figures in culture and entertainment were often accompanied by their cats and dogs including: Gabriele D’Annunzio and his hunting dogs, which he wrote about in his work, Queen Elizabeth and her Welsh Corgis and even Marilyn Monroe and Maf, the Maltese that Frank Sinatra gave her. The Space Hotels Group knows that many travellers are inseparable from their animals, so for over a decade, its affiliates have been promoting pet-friendly hospitality, where animals are not just accepted but are actually welcomed guests. To help you choose the perfect pet-friendly hotel, the homepage of the Space Hotels website has a quick, intuitive search system that helps travellers find the destinations best suited to their needs.


Everywhere in Italy

Pet-friendly culture, which is already widespread in France and English-speaking countries, is now flourishing in Italy. Space Hotels' affiliates can be found throughout Italy and in its greatest tourist destinations including: art cities, resort cities and several business cities. These hotels have been chosen by Space Hotels based on rigorous quality and service criteria and are both very welcoming and very well kept. Many of them are decorated in earlier period styles and have gourmet restaurants, terraces with views, gardens, swimming pools and wellness centres.


Being in the open air is the greatest luxury.

Several Space Hotels affiliates have large fenced gardens, outdoor spaces and nearby parks where pets can safely go for walks and play (the Suite Hotel Santa Chiara in Lecce, the Hotel Panama Garden in Rome, the Hotel Metropole & Suisse au Lac in Como and the Hotel Federico II in Jesi). The Hotel Londra in Florence and The Hub in Milan offer services specifically designed for dogs including sleeping cots, bowl, toys and informative maps indicating public gardens with leash-free areas, local veterinarians, pet shops, groomers and pet-sitters.


Special pampering.

For a comfortable stay for all family members, the Hotel Continental in Genoa has created a pet lounge for either dogs or cats with a comfortable pet bed, a sanitised sheet and a kit that includes a travel bowl, placemat, selected snacks and pick-up bags in a cute, paw-shaped dispenser. Viareggio and the Hotel Plaza & De Russie are a dream destination for pets: waiting in their room will be two elegant bowls, a soft sleeping cushion and a small surprise. Moreover, every pet-friendly room has a balcony and the hotel offers a list of pet-friendly restaurants, dog-friendly beaches, veterinarians and groomers. The Hotel Michelangelo in Mestre also has a luxurious welcome for pets including bones for puppies, grooming brushes and gloves, sleeping cots and cat litter.
Travellers with pets staying at the Cappello Rosso in Bologna will find food and water bowls and an updated list of veterinarians, parks and pet-friendly restaurants in their room. Many other pet services are available upon request.


Surprise in a bowl.

The Hotel Savoy in Pesaro and the Bonconte in Urbino offer pet food and information on public gardens with leash-free areas, pet-friendly beaches and restaurants, local veterinarians and pet shops. The Hotel Metropole in Santa Margherita Ligure welcomes small pets to their room with a bowl and a mat and pampers both cats and dogs with meals prepared by the chef upon request. One last tip: the city has a pet-friendly beach, the "Bau Bau Beach", where owners and pets can enjoy the seaside without incurring municipal fines.



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