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Area C, the Congestion Charge, will phase in Milan, January, 16th, 2012. Monday to Friday, from 7.30am  to 7.30pm, new access regulations to the city centre will be introduced. Access to the area called “Cerchia dei Bastioni” (via 43 entrance points) will be restricted to drivers purchasing the 5 Euro ticket valid for all vehicles. Special terms will be applied to residents and duty vehicles.
Bicycles, scooters, electric cars, vehicles displaying blue badges[1][1]  for disabled people as well as hybrid, methane powered, lpg and biofuel cars (up to December, 31st, 2012) will  be exempted from the charge. Excluding the above mentioned exemptions, Euro 0 petrol vehicles and diesel fuelled vehicles Euro 1, 2 and 3 can no longer have access to the city center.

For further information please contact: 020202

Area C, which coincides with the limited traffic area Cerchia dei Bastioni, has 43 access points electronically monitored by surveillance cameras. 7 out of these 43 access points are limited to public transport vehicles.

The surveillance cameras detect the entering subject and transmit the data collected to a computer which recognizes the vehicles, their classification (residents, duty vehicles, free access ones) and the corresponding due charge.

The access to Area C does not allow the use of fast-track lanes.


The entrance ticket is always valid throughout the charging day (from 7.30am  to 7.30pm).  The purchase covers all accesses made on the same day.

  • All vehicles: 5 €

  • Residents and garage owners within Cerchia dei Bastioni*: the first 40 accesses are free before December, 31st, 2012. 41st access onward: 2 €

  • Two different fees apply to duty vehicles*:

  • 5 € for the daily access + 2 hours of free parking in the designated blue spaces 

  • 3 € for the daily access only

*Mandatory registration at the website:

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