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Are you travelling for work? Why not take advantage of some of your free time to visit an art show in one of Italy's many small cities? These small urban centres often host special exhibitions that are of interest to true art lovers. Thanks to Space Hotels, with its many affiliates throughout Italy, it will not be difficult to find the perfect hotel for every type of need. Space Hotels' affiliates in both large urban centres and small provincial towns offer their guests many comforts including complimentary internet connections, bottled water and breakfast.

The following is a list towns hosting interesting exhibitions that are also home to a Space Hotels affiliate: Caserta, Catania, Fiuggi, Lecce, Manfredonia, Modena, Perugia, Pisa, Syracuse, Urbino, Verona, Viareggio, Vicenza and Turin.

 CASERTA: the four-star Grand Hotel Vanvitelli in Viale Carlo III.

"Milwaukee Mural" by American artist Keith Haring in the Reggia of Caserta (from 2 June to 4 November 2012).

Keith Haring created the "Milwaukee Mural" when he was only 25 years old. It is a strip of 24 wood panels 30 metres long and 2.5 metres high with images in black and white and colour on both sides. It is a fundamental work in Haring's visual world, which includes many cult characters that are still recognisable to this day. Haring's brilliant but brief career came to a sudden end when he died of AIDS at the age of 32.

CATANIA: the four-star Excelsior Grand Hotel in Piazza Giovanni Verga no. 39.

"Retrospective Show of Rosario Genovese. Works from 1979 to 2011." (from 29 October to 4 December 2012).

The retrospective covers Rosario Genovese's artistic career from 1979 to today. He works in various expressive media including photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and installations. His artistic expression is a melange of surreal images, measurements, proportions, space, material, colours, myth and fantasy.

 FIUGGI: the four-star Silva Hotel Splendid Congress & Spa in Corso Nuova Italia no. 40.

"Splendours of the Middle Ages. The Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno in the Time of Charles the Great." (in the city of Venafro; from 22 January to 4 November 2012).

The show is divided into six sections that tell the story of the Abbey through archaeological finds and historical sources starting from its very beginning with the selection of its sacred site and the foundation of its monastery. One of the most important finds is the late 18th-century frescoed altar originating from the southern church.

 LECCE: the four-star Suite Hotel Santa Chiara in Via Degli Ammirati no. 24.

"The Other Nile. Sudan from Pre-history to the Pharaohs." (from 12 March to 5 October 2012).

The show, which is curated by Isabella Caneva, illustrates the results of over 30 years of scouting and excavating in Sudan by the Italian Mission for Pre-historic Research in Egypt and Sudan from the University of Salento. The exhibition covers all the major cultural eras discovered in the excavations from sedentary Mesolithic hunters to pastoral Neolithic nomads to the impact of Egyptian agricultural societies and, finally, to the role played by Sudanese cultures in the emergence of the dynastic state in Egypt at the end of the fourth millennium bce.

MANFREDONIA: the four-star Regiohotel Manfredi in S.P. 58 Manfredonia - San Giovanni Rotondo km 2.

"Stone Pages. The Dauni from the 7th to 6th century bce." Permanent exhibition in the National Archaeological Museum, Manfredonia.

The steles, which are carved and decorated rectangular stone slabs, were produced between the mid seventh and sixth centuries bce by the Dauni, who were sedentary peoples located in northern Apulia. The stele is stylised male and female figures with indications of social class. The armed male figures have chest plates, swords and shields, while the ornate ones have collars, belt buckles and belts with hanging ribbons and circular disks.

 MODENA: the four-star Hotel Canalgrande in Corso Canalgrande no. 6; the four-star Rechigi Park Hotel in Via Emilia Est no. 1581.

"Stone Weavings. Roman Mosaics in Reggio Emilia." (from 3 June 2012 to 2 April 2013).

The exhibition is showing in the "Palazzo della Prefettura" [government building] in the nearby town of Reggio Emilia. It presents for the first time six mosaics from several domus [upper class roman homes] of the imperial age (1st and 2nd centuries ce) discovered in the city's historic centre, along with documentation photographs of the excavation and removal of the mosaics to save them from being destroyed by the construction of new buildings.

 PERUGIA: the four-star Hotel Perusia in Via Eugubina no. 42.

"Mediterranean Rowing Ships in Antiquity" (from 28 September 2012 to 6 January 2013).

The show presents numerous models of ancient ships from Neolithic dugout boats to archaic longboats to classical Greek vessels that were used in ancient wars on the Mediterranean sea. The models on display were designed and constructed by experts in both model shipbuilding and ancient navigation techniques from across Italy.


PISA: the four-star Grand Hotel Duomo in Via Santa Maria no. 94; the four-star            Calamidoro Hotel in Via del Tiglio no. 143 (in the city of Calcinaia); the four-star Hotel Green Park Resort in Via dei Tulipani (in the city of Calambrone-Tirrenia).

"Wassily Kandinsky: From Russia to Europe" (from 13 October 2012 to 3 February 2013).

The show presents about fifty works by the Russian master and father of abstract art coming from the State Museum in St. Petersburg and other important Russian museums. It covers the period between 1901 (the year in which Kandinsky decided to dedicate himself to painting and abandoned his legal and ethnographic studies, which had led him to an understanding of the traditions of the people who were exterminated by imperial Russia) and 1922 (when he left Soviet Russia for good and accepted Walter Gropius's offer to teach at the Bauhaus with Paul Klee).

 SYRACUSE: the four-star Hotel Panorama in Via Necropoli Grotticelle no. 33.

The Arkimedeion in Syracuse: Museum of Archimedes' Inventions (completed in April 2012).

The city of Syracuse, birthplace of Archimedes, did not have a museum celebrating the great academic and inventor. This was filled with the inauguration of the "Arkimedeion" in the month of December 2011. The design of this domus archimedea is inspired by modern science museums. In fact, the museum does not display ancient artefacts but reconstructions of Archimedes' experiments and machines with which visitors can interact.

 URBINO: the four-star Hotel Bonconte in Via Delle Mura no. 28.

"Madonna della Neve by Federico Barocci. The Tradition, The Critique." (from 31 March to 31 October 2012).

On the occasion of the four-hundredth anniversary of the death of Federico Barocci (1535 – 1612), this exhibition celebrates the genius of one of the masters of the 1500s, whose fame at that time was equal to that of Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian and Correggio. The show is presented by the Cultural Authority of the City of Urbania in collaboration with the Drawing and Print Room of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and a contribution from the "Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pesaro".

VERONA: the four-star Hotel Accademia in Via Scala no. 10/12.

"Michelangelo: Nulla di ciò che è umano mi è estraneo" [Nothing that is human is alien to me] (in the city of Valgatara, Marano di Valpolicella; from 3 to 7 October 2012).

This show, which focuses on the drama and intensity of human existence, is divided into three sections: one dedicated to Michelangelo, one to the Italian author Alessandro Manzoni and one to the German Catholic philosopher Edith Stein. The section on Michelangelo illustrates his love for the unfinished, his vision of humanity in its various expressions and his lifelong search for the truth. It follows his life and work highlighting the relationship between preparatory drawings and final works.

 VIAREGGIO: the four-star Hotel Plaza & de Russie in Piazza D’Azeglio no. 1.

"The 1900s in Florentine Civic Collections" (from 26 May to 25 November 2012).

A selection of eighty paintings and sculptures from the 20th-century collections conserved in the Florentine Civic Museums, which are not well known to the public as they are usually hung in government buildings or for special occasions. Moreover, the majority of the collections have been closed to the public for the last three years. This selection has been curated by the art critic and historian Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti.

 VICENZA: the four-star Alfa Fiera Hotel in Via dell'Oreficeria no. 50.

"Raphael versus Picasso - Stories of expressions, faces and figures" in the Basilica of Vicenza (from 6 October 2012 to 20 January 2013).

This international show is the inaugural event of Palladio's Basilica in Vicenza after its massive restoration and transformation into a great, modern cultural venue. The exhibition is divided into four thematic sections that include religious sentiment, portraits of nobility and everyday life, as well as a unnerving view on the 20th-century. The show presents 100 paintings originating from museums worldwide that follow the history of portrait and figure painting from the 1400s to the late 1900s.

TURIN: the four-star Grand Hotel Sitea in Via Carlo Alberto no. 35; the four-star Hotel Victoria in Via Nino Costa no. 4.

"Jewellers of the Last Tsars" in the Reggia di Venaria Reale (from 27 July to 9 November 2012).

This show presents original works by the famous goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé and other rare pieces from the Imperial Russian era. This sumptuous temporary exhibition offers the public a rare look at exotic gold, gems, diamonds and imperial eggs. It illustrates the vast repertory of decorative objects and accessories fashioned by the famous goldsmith including frames for sacred icons, watches, desk sets, cigarette cases, belt buckles, purses and women's jewellery.


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