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Piacenza, also dubbed the "city of one hundred churches and one hundred palaces" and "Firstborn" (the first city to vote in 1848 for annexation to the Kingdom of Sardinia) is located in the heart of the largest Italian plain, on the right side of the river Po.

Founded by the Romans (in his coat of arms shows the Capitoline she-wolf) became an important stop for pilgrims along the Via Francigena. From there, even the first Christian crusade in the Holy Land in 1095. Contested by many lords, Piacenza underwent the influences of the Farnese, the Pallavicino, Gonzaga, the Bourbons, and Napoleon, but no one could ever keep long in power.

Today, with its 100,000 inhabitants Piacenza is a typical provincial town of Emilia Romagna, where people rides his bike and cuisine reigns supreme: the ever-present pasta, strictly homemade, excellent meats (three have obtained the DOP), red and white meat among them being the unusual use of the horse, the freshwater fish, desserts simple but genuine. All washed down with sparkling red and white wines from the many hues.

For those looking for a place away from mass tourism and the frenetic pace, Piacenza is a pleasant surprise: there is a wide range of buildings (a must-Gothic Palace) and churches (the Cathedral, Santa Maria Country in particular) by visit a museum of modern art with a valuable collection and a province of great charm: 4 beautiful valleys, all different, all rich in castles, fortresses, villages, abbeys, parks, to meet any need.

The City of Piacenza offers many solutions to fulfil your expectations. Among  Piacenza hotels, visit our Hotel Ovest, the most loved hotel in Piacenza by travellers, thanks to the courtesy and the professionalism of its staff.


Piacenza - area: motorway

Hotel Ovest

Via 1° Maggio, 82 - 29100 Piacenza

Since the beginning the Hotel Ovest is renowned for its high quality in hospitality as well as for its innovative features in a warm atmo...

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