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Verona is a jewel of northern Italy preserving a cultural and historical heritage for all of humanity. It has captivated artists, writers and travellers from every era. You will fall in love with it on your first visit and will want to return many times to discover all the beauty that it has to offer.

The city's history stretches a long way into the past and its privileged location has subjected it to many influences and dominions. It has lived through the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Republic of Venice and the Austro-Hungarian dominion; making present-day Verona a living fusion of ancient, classic, Germanic and Nordic cultures.

While strolling through the streets of the city centre, you will come across buildings from various historical eras, such as a medieval castle, a Roman gate or a 19th-century palace. You will be amazed by the majestic "Arena", the centuries-old amphitheatre that hosts performances of famous operas every summer. Finally, do not miss the opportunity to visit the courtyard where the most famous scene from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette took place.

Verona is a wonderful city to explore and discover! Do it with us! Trust in the quality and services of our Verona Hotels. Space Hotels has selected three different hotels with three distinctive styles that will satisfy all of your needs.


Verona - area: city centre

Hotel Accademia

Via Scala, 10/12 - 37121 Verona

Our hotel in Verona has been recently renovated. It is located in the historical centre, in an excellent position near Piazza Brà, Piazza delle Erb...

Verona - area: city centre

Hotel Italia

Via G. Mameli, 58 - 37126 Verona

Hotel Italia is a delightful 3 star hotel located in a strategic position in Verona centre, just 15 minutes walking from Piazza delle Erb...

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