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While it may not be famous for art, Vicenza, in the Region of Veneto, is a city of great architectural beauty and balance. 
Its medieval centre lives in perfect harmony with its Renaissance buildings; all of which are in an extraordinary state of preservation. 

It has the honour of being the city with the largest number of buildings designed by the great and influential Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. 

They are instantly recognisable and can be seen on every corner and every street; the most notable of which are the Basilica and the Olympic Theatre, which was his last work. 
There are also many splendid churches in Vicenza, in particular, the Cathedral and the churches of St. Felice and St. Fortunato. 

Vicenza - area: trade fair

Alfa Fiera Hotel

Via dell'Oreficeria, 50 (p.le Fiera) - 36100 Vicenza

Hotel Alfa Fiera welcomes you to the city of Andrea Palladio, heart of the Veneto shire, which art masterpieces and food&wine routes ...

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