Here you will find great opportunities to make your time in Italy even more interesting: exhibitions, events or festivals that can inspire a fabulous weekend getaway or add something special and exciting to a business trip.

Art, culture, work or fun?

Any reason is a good reason to discover a new Space Hotel while travelling in Italy.

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Teatro Pavarotti: 2011-12 season

Luciano Pavarotti theatre - dal 23/10/2011 al 16/05/2012

The season contains pleasant surprises with a programme full of events: concert, opera and ballet, with leading artists.

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Bellini Theatre: season 2011-12

Teatro Bellini - dal 27/10/2011 al 22/04/2012

The program is rich with events offering shows of different theatrical genres amongst which the musicals stand out.

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Teatro Regio di Capitanata 2011-12

Teatro Regio di Capitanata - dal 15/10/2011 al 27/05/2012

The season is packed with plays, comic shows and events for children and their families. The theatre hosts the festival "InMostra al Regio", a series of art exhibitions from October to May.

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Piccolo Teatro 2011-12

Via Delli Carri - dal 15/10/2011 al 13/05/2012

The season is dedicated to plays and includes five shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It also features live concerts and cabaret events on Thursday.

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Lune... di jazz

Moody Jazz Cafe' - dal 16/10/2011 al 31/05/2012

The event is dedicated to jazz lovers and offers many live concerts from October to May. Check the website for details.

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Guercino 1591-1666. Masterpieces from Cento and Rome

National gallery of Ancient Art - Palazzo Barberini - dal 15/12/2011 al 15/12/2012

The exhibition is dedicated to the genius of Guercino, one of the most important 17th-century artists in Italy. he was born and lived in Cento and worked in Rome between 1621 and 1623. Curated by Rossella Vodret and Fausto Gozzi.

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Mondrian. The perfect harmony

Complesso del Vittoriano - dal 07/10/2011 al 29/01/2012

The exhibition traces the artistic production of one of the greatest masters of the 20th century through a selection of 70 oil-paintings and drawings. It also includes 40 works by artists who inspired and influenced him.

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Mozart International Piano Competition

Auditorium delle Scuderie Aldobrandini - dal 04/05/2012 al 06/05/2012

This competition is open to all young musicians of any nationality and features concerts and piano course in Rome and Frascati. This is the 7th edition. Organized by Ist. Mus. Collegium Artis and Associazione Inarmonia.

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La nostra storia sui binari 1911-2011

MAT Museo Arte Tempo - dal 10/12/2011 al 09/04/2012

The exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the railway Ponte Nossa-Clusone. It includes pictures, documents and other works. Opening hours: Friday from 3.30pm to 6.30pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10am to noon and from 3.3...

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Teatro Smeraldo: 2011-12 Season

Teatro Smeraldo - dal 06/10/2011 al 13/04/2012

The season offers musicals, international events, one man shows and big concerts, with the participation of various theatrical troupes and very famous artists. Check the official programme on the website.

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