Here you will find great opportunities to make your time in Italy even more interesting: exhibitions, events or festivals that can inspire a fabulous weekend getaway or add something special and exciting to a business trip.

Art, culture, work or fun?

Any reason is a good reason to discover a new Space Hotel while travelling in Italy.

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The 1990s

Studio d'Arte Cannaviello - dal 12/01/2012 al 28/02/2012

The exhibition presents works by Luca Bertolo, Marco Cingolani, Valentina D'Amaro, Francesco De Grandi, Daniele Galliano, Federico Guida, Davide La Rocca, Ryan Mendoza, Federico Pietrella, Cristiano Pintaldi, Luigi Presicce, Pie...

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Starts: Piazza Duomo (Piazza Castello for the competitive race) Finishes: Arena Civica - dal 25/03/2012 al 25/03/2012

This event combines sports competitions with charity shows, reflection and fun. There are several races: the “unpaced” 10-kilometre Stramilano open to all, the 5-kilometre Stramilanina for children, and the international Stram...

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Europe Cup

Monte Pora - dal 03/02/2012 al 04/02/2012

Men's slalom and giant race. Some of the best international athletes participate in the event.

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Boario park adventure and Alpine Coaster

SPA park - dal 23/04/2012 al 23/10/2012

The adventure parks is equipped with cables and platforms to measure the dexterity of visitors with different levels of difficulty, for young and old. And Alpine Coaster, modern 2 seater bobs race over bumps, parabola and 360 °...

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City Archaeological Park of Seradina-Bedolina

Frazione Cemmo - dal 01/03/2012 al 31/10/2012

In the Park you can admire many engraved rocks. The park suggest 4 itineraries: easy paths plunged in the nature.

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La nostra storia sui binari 1911-2011

MAT Museo Arte Tempo - dal 10/12/2011 al 09/04/2012

The exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the railway Ponte Nossa-Clusone. It includes pictures, documents and other works. Opening hours: Friday from 3.30pm to 6.30pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10am to noon and from 3.3...

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Start from Castione, Bratto, Dorga and Finish at Via Rucola (sport center) - dal 19/02/2012 al 19/02/2012

The town comes alive at Carnival, when many events are staged, including a parade of masks, shows, music, entertainment and much more.

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Plays in dialect

Teatro S. Filippo - dal 21/01/2012 al 04/02/2012

The event features plays in dialect. Starts at 9pm. When: 21 January; 4 February

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Ice skating rink

Bons en Chablais sport center - dal 26/11/2011 al 29/02/2012

Young and old can enjoy themselves on the ice. Skates can be rented on the rink.

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Ice skating

Lovere tourist port - dal 29/11/2011 al 26/02/2012

An ice-skating rink set in the square, fun for the young and the old.

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